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Peter Child pyrography machine

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  • Peter Child pyrography machine

    Hi i have just joined your site and i would love to learn this art, I have a Peter Child pyrography machine but i am not sure about how to use the nibs that come with it, any help or advice i would be very happy with. Kind Regards OZZIE

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    Hi OZZIE, i joined about a month before you, expecting a gallery of uploaded work at the top of the page managed to post some pieces with help from `hot shot` today, noted that others are put off by the layout, the Peter Child pyro as you know has a forked end the supplied wire tips are nickel chrome same wire used in your toaster. There may be a small coil of said wire in the kit just cut off about a inch and bend pinch the middle secure in forked end and set dial mid way adjusting as needed, you can flatten and shape the wire tip to a spoon or curve using a small hammer on any hard metal. but all f this is in the supplied guide lines. I use nickel chrome 0.63 mm wire from `scientific wire company` google it you can get 1 meter length for little money and last a log time. I`m not an expert just enjoy the process and keen to share and enjoy a great way of making of luck dutch