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Difference Between Chipboard and Boxboard

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  • Difference Between Chipboard and Boxboard

    I just read over the post of Laura Irish for the Steampunk shadowbox frame. My husband, who is a woodworker, said that chipboard is a wood product bought from a lumber yard. Laura said she was using chipboard from the back of a drawing pad. My husband said that's actually box-board. Can someone tell me the difference? Also, what are the ramifications of using something that's been created with glue. Any chipboard/box-board product is full of glue. Is there a risk burning into that type of product?

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    Re: Difference Between Chipboard and Boxboard

    I would be very wary of burning any man made material containing glue. There are some threads on here that advise against the use of certain wood products, I will try and find some when I can access the computer.

    take care
    Don W


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      Re: Difference Between Chipboard and Boxboard

      MDF, Chipboard & suchlike are pulp glued & pressed into board. So I'm with Don, be wary & steer clear.
      Plywood is okay because the veneer is thick enough that you'll never (I hope) burn deep enough to reach the glue layer.
      Stick with real wood (solid or ply) like birch, poplar, maple, cherry, etc. Solid basswood is excellent. Oak is okay but hard to deal with grain. Pine is soft & sometimes the sap causes some smoking.

      As a general rule I'd watch out for exotic woods that has lots of resins or oils in them + anything man-made.
      Hope that helps. Good luck.
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