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Removing ink from finished product

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  • Removing ink from finished product

    I can't find anything on this topic- how do you remove ink after you complete a burning project? I am using ink transfer for very detailed projects utilizing acetone. I lightly sand after the transfer but since I need the detail I can't remove too much of the ink. My problem is, once I am finished burning I have a beautiful picture but there is still some ink you can see- (the burn is brown and the ink is black- very annoying) I can't remove it with erasers, I can't remove it with more acetone (just smears), and I can't remove it with any chemical product I have found. I have tried photo transfers with heat- the transfer is less complete and still the ink can't be removed after the burn. What do the professionals do? you have any suggestions?

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    Have you tried a more traditional technique like a light carbon paper transfer or pencil sketch?


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      Thank you for replying, the problem is using carbon paper I can't get sufficient details- I burned the mona lisa and there was no way I could do a carbon paper transfer and I am not a good enough sketch artist to draw it myself. Any suggestions?


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        I was considering the issue further, has anyone ever sealed the wood prior to ink transfer and then burned. I wonder if sealing the wood would allow for removal of the ink when the project is done.