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Where's everyone gone??

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    Re: Where's everyone gone??

    I've been offline from here for a while getting ready for craft fairs and completing my final Christmas commissions... got four items left to finish and send, then I'm taking a well-earned break... so that I can do my tax returns, update websites, create online stores and start planning new designs... I did say a break, didn't I?

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      Re: Where's everyone gone??

      I'm still finding my way round the site, but will login when time allows, That thing called work seems to be getting in the way more and more. Even in the short time I have been looking and reading articles on the site It has boosted my confidence in attempting more challenging projects.
      It is hard to get people to join any group - let alone contribute, I wiil endeavour to do my bit to assist in keeping the dream alive


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        Re: Where's everyone gone??

        I am here also,not as often as Could be but I get occupied with a project and forget about time.
        Doing the best I can and trying to stay out of my own way

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          Originally posted by Wildflower View Post
          Re: Where's everyone gone??

          I'm here too, Lesley! I've also been wondering where everyone went...must be busy burning! I pop in here at least three times a day. My planned projects are on hold at the moment due to the need to do a major cleaning of my workspace so I can paint and finished previous projects.
          Frieke...can't thank you enough for asking for a tutorial on pattern making! A huge hug for that!

          Susan...oooooo...I luv the sound of your mythology patterns, very cool. You know folks, I really need towin a lottery, or something.......just to buy all the books I'd love to own! Sigh.....
          Eric & Tom...glad you're still with us. I've got so much reading I want to do here on the forum and soooo many questions to ask, I don't know where to begin! LOL! This is just way too exciting!

          I was thinking the same once.... But everyone is not lucky so much
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            I'm still here, but haven't done much on here.


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              Hey Steve, first post from anyone in a year I think. The board has almost no pulse, but there are still people coming to see some of the old stuff, so I guess it still has some value.


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                Maybe if they see us posting, they might post something.