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Suggestions for finish on ash walking stick after burning ??

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  • Suggestions for finish on ash walking stick after burning ??

    Good Day All!

    I'm in the process of making myself a walking staff for my Santa Claus portrayal. It's being made of a white ash staff upon which I'm burning my design/s. I'm a very rank newbie when it comes to burning and finishing it after I'm done. With that in mind, I'm asking for suggestions for a good finish. The staff itself is very light almost whitish. I have done some woodcarving in the past and have used what we called an SSW method of finishing. That is to say sanding sealer, sanding, followed by a hand rubbed application of paste wax not unlike the old Johnson's was folks used for wood floors. How would that work for a burn on a light wood? Or do you have some other suggestions.


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    Re: Suggestions for finish on ash walking stick after burning ??

    I made some walking sticks a few years back and just lacquered them, they are still like new and used to get used quite a bit. But, you could varnish or use poly, or oil and wax, or just oil, or just wax. Oil and /or waxed they would probably need redoing every now and again. Just be sure any sealers, finnishes are done After the burn. sounds obvious, but burn sealants or any other applied chemical and you breath in toxin. Even with a fan your going to inhale some.

    If you want it to stay white then a clear poly finish sounds best bet, or a clear silk finish lacquer (Acrylic water based usually). Many finishes have UV protection in the mix so check the tin/spray too as it will help reduce fade a little over time.

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