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Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

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  • Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

    Here is a copy of my interaction with Colin from Dalescraft, granted I could have worded my first email slightly more professionally but look at that response! Scroll to the bottom and read upwards.

    Thanks Colin for the prompt reply. I will be making sure to post your excellent customer service onto my friends in the pyrography community.

    FYI - shipping should cost just that. You include the cost of overheads in the item price, not shipping. It is not my fault you have priced your item incorrectly.

    Thank you for your time, I will be sure never to buy anything from your store.



    P.s this is not the first time I have had an unnecessarily “shirty” response from your business. About 12 months ago, I sent an email asking where the item was that I’d purchased as I hadn’t even received a dispatch note and it was beyond 2 weeks. I was told in no uncertain terms that I need to “wait my turn” and that other orders in front of mine had still not been processed. I do believe it was from your slightly less (only slightly) rude wife.

    On 10 Oct 2014, at 17:14, Colin Ellis <> wrote:
    Hi Amy "It definitely shouldn’t cost so much for a small item" why? it's my site and my business for 20 odd years I can charge what I want and this is what it costs me to send by Fed Ex excluding the cardboard box the bubble wrap the celotape, label, printer ink, the cost of my business rates, the workshop full of machinery I have had to pay for, my insurance, my waste disposal and the rest which are all FREE. And I have five kids to feed school and send to Uni. It will cost me more to send you just one birch plywood heart shape than it costs you even if I take it to the post office so PLEASE don't bother making a purchase I am sure that someone else would just love your business.



    Subject: Shipping
    Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 15:44:42 +0100


    Do you offer reduced shipping at all? I want to buy one item but £8.99 for shipping is more than the item costs itself! I’ve noticed it is the same for if I buy a large item or have more than one item in my basket.

    It definitely shouldn’t cost so much for a small item. I would love to purchase the heart shape birch plaque but only if you are able to offer a normal shipping rate.



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    Re: Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

    And there's more! Dalescraft are in the comic sans (Lol), what a bizarre last response. I'm still gobsmacked at these emails, can you believe his company is still running!??

    And you have to have the last word!, you are not offensive in the least, you don't think you are always right and you wouldn't dream of wasting your time in this type of conversation. If you find my manner to you offensive I am sorry that I speak my mind and I am blunt. If you find my response disgusting that isn't my problem as looking back over the Emails I can find nothing that I have written that would be considered in any way profoundly sexual, abusive or racially motivated, in fact nothing that would offend any reasonable person other than one who may not be getting their own way.I have the last word now because I am now going to block your email and forever send your response to the junk folder which automatically deletes.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening

    Kind regards


    Subject: Re: Shipping
    Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 19:30:42 +0100

    I have never experienced such a lack of professionalism from a company in my life! I asked a simple question and this is how you respond. You could have easily referred me to your shipping page or have simply been as blunt as "no sorry, we don't offer that". Your response is absolutely disgusting and offensive.

    I don't believe for a second that you have repeat customers as a result of your customer service and if you do I can only imagine it's because they've never had to have a conversation with you! Who has been telling you your customer service is second to none? The reflection in the mirror, no doubt.

    I run my own Jewellery business and never in a million years would I respond in the way you did, even to the most difficult or annoying customer. Your sense of entitlement and arrogance is mind boggling and in the short, unpleasant amount of time I have conversed with I have a strong impression that you are the type of person who is never at fault, it is always everybody else, God knows how you've been in business for twenty years. You are the rudest person I've ever spoken to.

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    On 10 Oct 2014, at 18:59, Colin Ellis <> wrote:

    Cool I'm sure my business will now go to the dogs because you and your lovely friends will stop buying my products, like you do anyway!. FYI shipping cost are what the people selling the goods offer to ship them for (check the sale of goods act, distance selling regulations, citizens advice, and trading standards) No one is forced to make a purchase and most small mail order businesses have a minimum cost for shipping, some larger ones have a fixed price like me for any size order and some with inflated prices have free shipping. If you had not been so abrupt and bossy by trying to tell me what to do and how to run my business or if you had bothered to read my delivery information you would have got your "plaque" and had the difference of postage refunded but no you just stormed in. You probably didn't read the delivery information on your last purchase over a year ago iether or you would not have had the need to contact us on that matter as well.FYI I have many regular customers that spend a lot of money and consider my customer service second to non, never complain and never tell me how to run my business. They feed my family and pay my builds. If ever I have problems it's always the ones who want something for nowt or 1 plaque and think I should be forever in their debt.

    Slag me off as much as you like.....In 5 minutes I will have forgotten all about you as if you never existed lol

    Good night



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      Re: Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

      Thank you for the warning! As I live in the USA I doubt whether I would be purchasing anything from him anyway but you never know. I do think that it's important that we post any bad(and good) experiences on the forum. Since I was not a party to the exchange, I can't make a judgment, but I am at least forewarned.

      ADDED: As an afterthought, I agree with you. Handling should NOT be included in shipping charges as that is a cost of doing business. It should be reflected in the cost. In the US I was once quoted a S&H charge of $100USD as shipping for a $200 air compressor! Try to order a $13 pen and the shipping and handling is $10.95! But as long as people meekly pay the prices asked, they will continue.
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        Re: Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

        So sorry you've had such an awful experience with Dalescraft, Amy, never mind, there are other GOOD sources of pyro blanks. One is Craftshapes, the guy who runs that company, Steve, couldn't be more different!!! Totally opposite in fact, and the quality of his goodies are far superior, but it is a good idea to let him know that you want the blanks for pyro and not for just painting over as he will make sure that they are suitable.
        Bedfordshire, England


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          Re: Do not buy from dalescraft - terrible customer service

          Holy smokes!


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            Clearly from the amount of response that you have got from this thread "Slagging off my business" has not worked out quite as you may have hoped for. Craftshapes have gone bust btw!!! I am still going strong, thank you...I guess it is pretty much down to my excellent customer service to the 99.99% of my customers who do not contact me with "shirty badly worded emails". In this life every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You be nice to me I will be nice to you! fact is I am nice to everybody who is nice to me and I am usually nice first as well. in fact I normally go out of my way to be nice but not to those that choose to be not nice to me. My Dear Dad ,God rest his soul, always said I hated being told what to do, It's very true I don't as much of the time it's an attempt at bullying. I would rather give my life up than be bullied simple really, I decided this when I was about 13 years old and it's worked quite well seeing as I am fast approaching 60 and have not allowed anyone to bully me. makes holding a job down almost impossible hence my early move into self emloyment. 25 years in business with dalescraft, many more as a self employed person, Jeez I must be doing something right!!! and hand on heart I have never missold, ripped off or fiddled anyone in all of that time. Interestingly enough 25 years of mail order and I can count on one hand the amount of parcels that have not been delivered and all being replaced without question. As this defamatory thread is still showing up on Google search for "dalescraft" after what, nearly 4 years I guess I am due some reasonable compensation for your public posting, maybe you will be hearing from my solicitors!


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              Colin, this is why good customer service and professionalism is so important. When you give someone a snide response, it may not be just their business you lose. People take for granted good customer service, but if you burn someone, they will remember, and spread that sentiment endlessly. People may or may not have dismissed Amys' post as just a disgruntled customer. However, if people see this thread now, they will be able to witness your attitude first hand, and believe me, you will lose even more business. This probably was the worst way for you to respond if your goal was to neutralize the negative impact of the original poster. You basically did more to your own discredit than Amy ever could.



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                "Colin, this is why good customer service and professionalism is so important". Hence why I am still in business after 25 years and all others operating a similar business have gone by the wayside. I guess I know a thing or 2 about looking after my customers and giving excellet value for money top quality products and a1st class service. The proof is in the pudding as they say, a small cottage industry like mine does not survive unless they do exactly as a tiny weeny minority of one are suggesting that I do not. Amy is clearly a Bully who likes to get her own way and throws her Teddy out of the pram if she doesn't. I hate Bullies, malicious liars and people who cheat or try to discredit other people in an unjustified way especially hiding behind social media and those that allow it are not much better than the perpretrators to be perfectly honest. I actually have no enemies, don't think I ever have had, except "Amy" I don't know anyone who doesn't like me, except "Amy" that's got to tell any reasonable person something. And just for the record if anybody reading this wants the very best quality products for their Pyrography Crafts send me an email to saying that you have come across this thread and I will send you a 15% discount voucher off any order of any value. All of my products which are hand made carry a full money back guarantee (as they always have) no questions


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                  Originally posted by col12345 View Post
                  ....... Hence why I am still in business after 25 years and all others operating a similar business have gone by the wayside. ......
                  Colin, I let you have the last word, so this spiff ends now. Your other posts related to selling and non-relevant content have been deleted.



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                    Randy why don't you just delete the whole thread? This woman is clearly violating human decency in instructing people not to buy from me. "Do not buy from Dalescraft terrible customer service". Fact.... she is the only one who has complained about my customer service, therfore given that I have been in busness for 25 years or more and have and thousands of customers who have had great customer service, this is an absolute lie. OR do you base the quality of customer service on one person over several thousand. I mean if one person says someone is bad and a thousand say they are good does that make the person bad in your book? or is it not obvious that something is amiss with the person saying the direct opposite of the rest. I am pretty certain that I have lost a lot of business due to this womans vile defamation and the fact that it is coming up on the first page of Google. Yes I am still in business....what does that tell you, I think it speaks volumes but that is not the point I may well be doing a lot better. So please do the right thing and delete this thread.


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                      Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I went back over Amy's initial posts. On both posts, she actually wrote very little content that was not copied from your interactions. In the Subject, Amy gave an "opinion/warning" of your customer service, but almost all of the body was the quoted interaction between you two. So she presented an "opinion" backed by quoted interactions, then you had the opportunity to reply, which you have, several times now. Since most of her posts were just copies of the interaction between you, everyone can read both of your responses within that interaction and judge for themselves whether or not you handled it professionally, and whether you are the type of person they would want to do business with. They can judge whether or not she "provoked" you in that interaction. Regardless of your "typical" customer experience, this is still a valid record of one specific interaction.

                      Unfortunately, in light of your own subsequent posts in response to this thread, I believe you continue to hurt your own cause by continuing in that same tone/attitude that can be seen in the copies of the interaction between you. Some folks may have dismissed Amys' opinion, but your response in this thread gives potential buyers a direct observation of you.

                      On another note, Google tends to rank pages higher that are in flux, and lower the importance of pages that are static. Every post you make here freshens the page and helps it to rank higher in the Google ranking Algorithm.

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                        You just don't seem to get why I am so angered by this do you. The "quotes" that she has put on this page are altered and inacurate to suit her own ends so they are misrepresentations and defamatory and in no way reflect the way I have carried out my business for the last 25 years or in no way an acurate reflection of my customer service even in her experience. I have been unable to trace this woman so that I can take action against her in the county court. it seems that she has "disapeared". I have my suspicions that she was not real in the first place but was operating a similar business to mine and used a fake profile to slander my good name. This kind of thing happens all too often and these days with the Internet being so easy to "fool". At least people like me have moral standards that would not even dream of doing something like this but quite frankly it makes my blood boil when others do it and then use the excuse that it's "just business". I would assume that any decent and reasonable person would have removed this thread by now as it serves no other purpose than to slander and defame. It is Interesting that I have been selling a whole range of your companies books on pyrography for some years now and continue to do so. I guess I will have to maybe take my complaint higher up and contact your President and hope that he will be more reasonable about this matter Randy "hotshot". As a final note "Amy" has at no time ever been a customer of Dalescraft and Amy has never ever made a purchase off dalescraft, this is a matter of indisputable Fact.
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