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  • Burning on Paper

    For whatever reason, I like burning on paper better than wood, so that has become my medium of choice. So have a question for anyone that checks in, I'm assuming we have a few burners that don't have raw artistic abilities, and rely on some pattern help/hints. So how to you get the basic "outline' or design hints to your medium.

    I had a printer that would really struggle, but could print to paper to lay down my outlines. These outlines would be just barely visible, but enough I could use to pattern the work. But that printer isn't an option anymore, so I need new ideas.

    I thought about carbon paper or some other manual transfer method, but not sure how that would work.

    When I was a kid, we had a "projector" type thing that would take a photograph, and reflect the image to piece of paper, then I could focus on shading and whatnot using what was projected right to the paper. I always loved the magic of turning of the projector to see my progress, and also reveal what I had missed. I may try this to see how it works.

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    Hey Randy. Thanks for the invite to join the forum. Looks like it had a tough time. I hope you can get it revived and popular again. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I'm going to start posting pictures as soon as my computer decides it will let me.
    As for burning on paper, I don't have much experience there. I've played with it a little but, haven't gotten far. A projector sounds like the way to go!


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      Welcome. We have quite a few people to come look, but since it was overrun, we haven't had many join or post as of late. Hopefully we will give folks some good content to come look at. We shall see.


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        I find a pattern I like online, print it out and transfer it to paper using graphite paper. I stay away from using carbon paper. I have a 60 page book I'm working on and I'm on page 37.
        This is the book I'm using, and here's four pages I've done in it.
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