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Just making sure we get one post this year.

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  • Just making sure we get one post this year.

    Yep, I know, the forum is dead.......ish. We still have bots catalog the site, and I'm sure a few people come in a browse from time to time.

    Just for fun, if you still get alerts form forum posts, reply and we can see if there are any remnants out there at all.

    For my own Pyrographic efforts, hoping to move my setup to a someplace more accessible. It's so much more tempting to sit down and work when everything is out, setup, and ready to roll.

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    Happy 2023, im the moderator of this ghost town, helping to preserve content created in more active times. If you are currently burning, post some works in progress, and create a spark


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      Hey, I have just joined in. I have some great pyrography projects coming up. I will surely post them here