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    Hi fellow members. Just recently joined the forum and looking forward to talk to use. I have been looking to do pyrography for awhile now. Looking at different machines to start me of. Keep going back to the Peter child model. Would This be a suitable model to start of with or another model. Any suggestions? Corrie from belfast

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    Hi Corrie and welcome to pyrography! I started off using a regular ole hobby store single temp burner with assorted tips. That got me used to holding the burner, how to use different tips, how using different pressure gives you varying burns, different styles...just a good way to get the feel of things. I then moved on to a Colwood burner with replaceable tips and has a good temperature controller. It's made woodburning so much easier, faster and has enabled me to improve my skills as a whole. I've no experience with the Peter Child machine but I've heard good things about it so I can imagine it would be a good investment. I think it will boil down to getting to know your machine and getting the feel of how you want to use it. Just my thoughts.. Good luck and hope to see your work soon.


    Morgan (from Texas)