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Newbie (Hi!); Sourcing blanks and working on Ash advice pls?

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  • Newbie (Hi!); Sourcing blanks and working on Ash advice pls?

    Hi there,

    Im new to pyrography and purchased a pen a few months ago that I'm yet to use due to having a newborn baby..

    Anyway, im looking to purchase my father a bill hook for Christmas and the one I like has an Ash handle; would I be able to burn on to it?

    Also, where do you all get your blanks from please? I'd love to do a house name sign for us but I can't seem to find anything big enough..

    Finally, what is the 'best' type of wood for a beginner to use?

    Many many thanks!

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    Good Morning,

    Saw where no one has given you any kind of answer in almost 2 years. I just got back on here after a really long hiatus and you may well not need/want any answers at this late date, but I'll throw this out.

    As for the Ash, I did a project a couple of years ago making a Santa walking staff. Santa portrayal is another of my endeavors. Anyway, I burned a series of "Santa-ish" scenes swirling about 3/4 of the roughly 5 foot length. While I'm not 100% sure, if memory serves me correctly, the staff was out of a piece of Ash. If it is, it worked great.

    As for blanks, I've found that I can find a really wide variety of things like that on good 'ol Amazon. There's not much you can't fine on there nowadays. Give it a try.

    As for the "best type" of wood for a beginner......Anything you can lay hands on that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. That way while you are learning you don't feel so back if you end up with a "heartfelt OOPS!"