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What tips are used for what lines, shading, etc.?

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  • What tips are used for what lines, shading, etc.?

    Good morning, my husband purchased a Pyrography kit for me for my birthday. He knows I love quilting and other projects and thought this could give me a break from those from time to time. I LOVE IT but am looking for more information. He purchased a book and gave it to me too on learning to burn, but the items used in this book appear to be from a 2 pronged burner pen and not the single screw in tip pen I have. Can someone advise what the standard tips are used for and what designs they make when used? I have done a little research on the Razor Tip and this beginners kit is nothing like it. If you have images you could post of the tips and how they are used, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance. Michelle

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    Good Morning,

    I just got back on the forum after a rather long hiatus. I see it's been just over a week since your original post and no one has answered you. I very well may not be of much help, but at least you will have gotten an answer. I know how it is to post something and no one answers. What brand name is the woodburning set up your husband got for you? I "think" I have an idea, but I'm not sure. I have a Colwood and is probably one of those 2 pronged ones you speak of. They are pricey, but have a reputation of being good units and there are a lot of different tips available for them. Google Colwood woodburning tools and you should get a "bunch" of stuff to look at. They advertise as being made in the US and have their office in southern New Jersey.