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Wire for Janik burners

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  • Wire for Janik burners

    Just signed-up with a question or two.

    I am not a pyrographer but I was given a Janik H1 machine recently, with only one wire loop tip. I have found it very useful for cutting laminates and solid forms, but I want to make sure I have the means to replace the wire loop when it burns out, or more likely when I break it. Google cannot find me a source of spares. I am a retired electrical engineer and I can guess that the wire is Nichrome or similar. It is certainly not iron or steel. Can anyone here tell me what it is, and where I can buy small quantities of this type of wire, and what diameter is needed for this machine - I have no way to measure the diameter of the wire in the one loop I have. If the Janik H1 is so old that no-one recognises it, I would be grateful for any other information, such as the typical power dissipation of these wire loop burners, so that I can calculate what is needed. The transformer outputs between 1.4 and 2.2 volts in 4 steps, although this drops to 0.7 - 1.1 across the wire tip.

    Peter Martinez

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    No-one has read this topic except me, so no answers. I found the answer myself elsewhere. The wire is 0.57mm dia. (24 swg) Nichrome.

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