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Does size matter? (Video)

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  • Does size matter? (Video)

    Every day I hope to learn something new and improve a bit. If I can do that then each day is a success.

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    Re: Does size matter? (Video)

    Nice video Erik.

    For the years I have been burning I have burned from small keyrings up to 60+cm flatwork.

    If I cast my mind back to when I started to get an idea of how a lot of new starters may well approach burning lets say, I recall.

    1) How slow and painstaking my initial burns were as I learned and develped my early forays into burning. It felt duanting to think about trying anything bigger than a coaster at that time.

    2) That led to wondering how I would tackle larger works, and was stoked when I stepped up to A4 size and realised that I can be as expressive as I wanted on larger pieces or, stay detailed. Only difference was that it took longer.

    3) As I progresses and wanted to create specific works on larger pieces I found that it took longer still, yet nothing really changes from the small keyrings. One still has to take time lining and shading, getting past learning the basics in heat contriol and hand coordination etc etc.

    Now I know I can tackle any size I choose, from those keyrings up to whatever I choose. As you say, size does not matter, everything is in the skills and techniques, and if you can decorate an inch square piece of wood, you can decorate or create a pice 100 x 100 inch. It's the smame but on a larger scale. That inch square may have taken 30 min with a fine tip. That 100 inch one will just take 100 times longer if doing a similar design in terms of style and detail to the 1 inch one.

    I think a lot of people may have an idea that they thing would work on large projects, but, they have experience of smaller ones. They may visualise the difficulty in transposing an image to a larger size, they may visualise the amount of work that such a project entails and think that it will be too difficult. But it is not, they are visualising a large amount of work and effort as a lump, rather than seeing it as a journey that is only going to take longer to traverse than the short walks they have so far taken.

    The 1 inch is a few steps, one fott in front of the other. The 100 inch is a Journey at the same speed, one step in front of the other, just a longer distance. The detail in the one inch and the 100 inch can be the same, but it just takes a patient longer term approach. I think that I love taking one step or a Journey, it's all the same to me now, it's moving forwards always. Whether an inch or a mile at a time.

    I think for people new to pyro it is the thought of that journey that may be off-putting, they see the complexity involved, yet all that complexity is still just lots of one inch steps.

    I stiil do small and large pieces/projects as and when I am inspired to do so, they all have enjoyment and I love burning them. They all have merit from a large flatwork to a small round 1" trinket box.

    I think your vid goes a way toward showing this and would not go far wrong in building on them with maybe some of the above thoughts integrated into them. Taking some of that apprehension out of the equation so to speak, for those who maybe are apprehensive about going large. or that there smaller peices feel inadequate, which they should not. All creations small or large are what they are, they take thought, work, skill and forethought, no matter the size.

    As you rightly say, Size does not matter, for me its all about the Journey. ;p

    The Journey Is Everything.

    My Pyro Community

    Manchester UK


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      Re: Does size matter? (Video)

      Great video!!! Thanks Erik!
      Shawn Crabtree


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        Re: Does size matter? (Video)

        Thanks guys!

        Steve that's true. The same effort is done whether an inch or 100 inches. it's just more time consuming. Transposition takes longer, but of course that goes without saying.

        Thanks Shawn!
        Every day I hope to learn something new and improve a bit. If I can do that then each day is a success.